Monday, 17 March 2008

peace means:

Peace can be a state of harmony or the absence of hostility. "Peace" can also be a non-violent way of life."Peace" is used to describe the cessation of violent conflict. Peace can means a state of quite or tranquillity - an absence of disturbance or agitation. Peace can also describe a relationship between any people characterized by respect,justice, and goodwill. Peace can describes calm, serenity, and silence. This latter understanding of peace can also pertain to an individual's sense of himself or herself, as to be "at peace" with one's own mind.

Many different theories of "peace" exist in the world of peace studies, which involves the study of conflict resolution, disarmament and cessation of violence. The definition of "peace" can vary with religion, culture, or subject of study.But I'm prefer peace definite to religion, because religion came from the creator, that he knows all about his created.Maybe someone will ask,which one is the true religion from creator or god?, because every religion(christian,budha,sikh,hindu, islam etc.) claim that theire religion is coming throuht from god or creator.So we must find and learn which one the true religion that was came from god or the creator.Use all technologi that we have and use the open brain to make comparation....have a good choice...


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